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Aug 1, 2012

Malcolm Clark is an English actor who has married a Brazilian and moved to a small city called Curitiba which is the capital city of the Brazilian state of ParanĂ¡, located in southern Brazil.  In his narration  Malcolm gives a vivid impression of his new life and surroundings.  Painting a colourful picture of his new landscape and the people. Giving us an insight into an Englishman's impression  of the rich and diverse cultures of Brazil. In this second report he tells us of his visit to a small island off the Brazilian coast called Ilha Do Mel, a small haven of peace and tranquillity with no cars or motor driven vehicles, just the sounds of the sea, tropical bird song and a little Brazilian music. 



"Situated off the North coast of the state of Parana in Southern Brazil, at the entrance to the bay of Paranagua, Ilha Do Mel attracts visitors from all over the world and it's easy to see why. Free from traffic, and offering trekking, surfing and canoeing or just plain swimming and walking in a beautiful, peaceful environment, it's the perfect place to unwind. When my wife first described it to me,  I knew straight away it was somewhere I had to go. What I like about the island is its simplicity. You stay in a pousada - a chalet made of timber, with just the most basic facilities.


A small group of pousadas will be run by their owner who provides breakfast and, if you want, an evening meal.


I think it was on our second visit there that we stopped at an open-air restaurant along one of the sandy trails that winds among the pousadas. It looked like a very pleasant place to sit down with a cool drink, nestling there among the trees and palms, so we took a seat and were waiting to order when my attention was caught by a conversation going on at the next table.  A man was talking to two Americans in nothing short of a "top draw" English accent. It turned out he, together with his wife was the proprietor of the restaurant, so I was intrigued to know how this apparently English native had wound up on Ilha Do Mel".



In the coming months Malcolm will be sending us more of his observations and thoughts about his new adopted country Brazil.

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An Englishman in Brazil by Malcolm Clark Part 3

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Recorded at Brighton University Media Services UK. Music: 

Track: 01-Eu nao sabia (I did not know) 

Artist:   Anamar Album: Transfado