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peopletalk's Podcast

Oct 30, 2006

Lucky and Hollie run a tattoo studio on the south coast of England. Their studio is called Skin Candy. In their interviews they talk about what it takes to become a tattooist, their take on life and how tattooing has changed in the last ten years. They were very kind and understanding while we moved in all our cameras...

Oct 23, 2006

Katherine Schellenberg was born in 1932, to second generation emigrant farmers in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, Canada.

To Katherine the iconic images of the great depression are more than just old black and white photographs of men waiting in bread lines, working in relief camps and protesting against their dreadful...

Oct 20, 2006

Sandra Ventris is a professional Actress. If you wish to know more about Sandra please visit her page on this site.

ANTON CHEKHOV (1860-1904)
Anton Chekhov Born on January 29, 1860, one of Russia's most cherished storytellers.

Chekhov began writing short stories during his days as a medical student at the University...

Oct 16, 2006

Gareth Goldthorpe is a very fit and young looking sixty one year old, who has been a bookbinder for the last twenty years.

In his interview, he talks about his unconventional and somewhat eccentric childhood, being sent off to boarding school at the tender age of five, and how he ran away, traveling some fifteen miles...

Oct 2, 2006

Jemma Robinson is about 5'4" has grey eyes and short fair hair and is slim. She has an open, friendly smile which helps to emphasize her warm character.

She genuinely seems to like people; in other words, she is a people person. This has come in handy over the years as she has lived in some very different cultures from...