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peopletalk's Podcast

Sep 19, 2012

Our interview today is with the authors of Deadly Focus and Consequences novels by RC Bridgestock.


  This husband and wife team from the fourth largest police force in England have swapped crime fighting for crime writing.

Bob Bridgestock, 60, a retired detective superintendent who took charge of numerous high...

Listeners comments

Sep 5, 2012

Dear Mr. Killick,

I write to you firstly to complement you and the Peopletalk family for the superb and outstanding work you are doing for the benefit of audio book enthusiasts.

I greatly enjoyed the wonderful audio book series you produced on the authoritative book 'Cleopatra' by Jacob Abbott which was read by...

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Sep 4, 2012

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Sep 4, 2012

I've had a suggestion from one of our listeners, that it is not obvious that you can subscribe to our audio streams by using the Apple iTunes quick subscribe button in the left-hand blue column under subscribe. 

The iTunes subscribe button will automatically sign you up for free, to all our programmes...