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Sep 22, 2015



by Washington Irving (1783-1859) New England

The morality play is a genre of Medieval and early Tudor theatrical entertainment.

In their own time, these plays were known as interludes, a broader term given to dramas with or without a moral. Morality plays have a type of hidden meaning, in...

Sep 9, 2015


 It’s a true story of intrigue, victory and betrayal, a story of industrial espionage  and corporate greed, counterfeiting and corporate wrongdoing. 


It’s the story of an audio invention that revolutionised the world music business; a story that could have come straight out of the pages of a thriller novel. ...

Sep 9, 2015

Fear by Achmed Abdullah

THE fact that the man whom he feared had died ten years earlier did not in the least lessen Stuart McGregor’s obsession of horror, of a certain grim expectancy, every time he recalled that final scene, just before Farragut Hutchison disappeared in to the African jungle to his death. McGregor...