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peopletalk's Podcast

Mar 29, 2009


Michael is a student soon to graduate from Indiana University, having chosen history as his field of study. Having done what he refers to as "hard time" in the Kelley School of Business, Michael followed the advice of all those who had told him to follow his passion and made an educational career change into the study of history, stoking the flame originally sparked by a high school British literature teacher. He will begin graduate-level historical studies in the coming autumn term.

Taking inspiration from cousin and fellow history enthusiast Matt Dattilo from Matt's Today in History, Michael began the British History 101 podcast in June of 2006. Starting with the Battle of Hastings and moving throughout British history to explore a variety of topics and areas of interest, the show is proud have several thousand of the world's best fans.

Michael firmly believes that understanding the past leads to a greater understanding of both the present and the future and is fascinated by exploring even the tiniest corner of the puzzle of human experience.

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