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peopletalk's Podcast

Jul 4, 2014


My interview today is with Basil Sands who has written a new novel called Ice Hammer.  In the interview, we talk about his military history and his experience in surviving in extreme Arctic winters in Alaska. How he became a writer and what it has taken for him to become an author.

Synopsis of the book.

Ice Hammer is a three book fiction series seen through the eyes of a family ripped apart by invasion and the ensuing war that consumes the North American continent, including their home state of Alaska. It is not about the bigger political game that stands behind all war, but it is about the lives, the loves and the bitter struggles of those trying to survive to see another day


·         2013: NSA spy scandal lost the US many of its friends.

·         2016: The US government defaults on its debts. With the collapse of the American Empire the few remaining US allies turn their backs as well.

·         2017: Massive drought and crop failures spread across Eurasia threatening both China and the former Soviet states with starvation.

·         2018: The decision is made. America will pay its debts.

In a sweeping measure to collect what they are owed, guarantee ample food supplies and take fertile land for their own people, China and the newly re-Sovietized Russia combine forces and invade North America. 


Basil Sands has been weaving stories for anyone who would listen since he was a child.  From humble beginnings over 40 years ago on a rural homestead in interior Alaska and his school years among the cornfields of Ohio he grew to become one of the most popular new audio book talents on the web.
He nearly became a professional stand-up comedian but the big break came too late.  He had already enlisted in the US Marines. After only six months though he broke his ankle and found himself out of a job. Unsure of what to do he worked in a wide variety of fields (many simultaneously) including restaurant manager for the National Security Agency (chef to the spies), owned a computer shop, worked as a carpenter, farmer, stage actor, lumberjack, tv voice, Wilderness Medic, network manager, Boy Scout leader, university teacher, IT training specialist, radio talk show host, computer forensics technician, and youth minister.


Please visit Basil Sands web site at: