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peopletalk's Podcast

Jun 11, 2008

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Becky Wright reads The Red Ribbon, by David Allen & produced by Nigel Killick.

The Red Ribbon is a wry and heart breakingly poignant tale of a young woman from America's Deep South as she remembers her raw and uplifting childhood.

Becky Wright is a professional actor who trained at Bristol University and Mountview.

She currently plays 'Nic Hanson in 'The BBC's Archers' and is the voice of Jo in the cartoon Jo's Blogs (Ink Apache).

Whilst training she played Agnes in 'Dancing at Lughnasa', Lady Fancyfull in 'The Provok'd Wife', Varya in 'The Cherry Orchard' and Fay in 'Iron' among others.

If you wish to know more about Becky Wright.
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No name
almost sixteen years ago

You are doing a FANTASTIC job. Makes me want to go back to theatre school, I give you a thumbs up! I am stuck in my boring government job here in Michigan. Very much enjoy your station and it helps me through the day.

No name because of government job.

John Peterson
almost sixteen years ago

To peopletalk:

I have sent an e-mail once before but I wanted to send one more after listening to Becky Wright reading of The Red Ribbon By David Allen- great story telling!

I have really enjoyed listening to your stories. I have tried a lot of free audio book web stations but the combo of the great mix of stories and documentaries have me hooked. Thanks for the great programs & keep up the good work!

Peterson California

Peter Riano
almost sixteen years ago

You asked us to let you know who\'s listening.........

I\'m doing so, from Redding California, 2 hours north of Sacramento.

I found your station a few days ago looking for a good classic audio book on the iTunes web site. I really like your mix! Just listened to the wonderful reading by Becky Wright of The Red Ribbon by David Allen.
Keep up the good work.
Peter Riano
Great Lakes.
Troy, MI

Tina Web
almost sixteen years ago

Boy, seriously! I\'ve been wondering how you make so many great free audio stories in such superb order? I\'ve turned several of my friends on to your podcast now - they work in basements as well. I wonder if that says something about my personality??? Just loved Becky Wright reading of The Red Ribbon by David Allen. Oh well. I told a lot of my friends that I was trying to write to the station, to say thanks. They thought I was pretty weird. Guess I\'m just a groupie at heart. Anyway Nigel, keep up the great work and I\'ll be listening!

Tina Web

Josephine Pitter
almost sixteen years ago

I hope I have the right email address! I\'ve been trying to figure out how to get in touch with your station ever since I found it on the internet. Let me try to explain why it\'s been so important to me to get in touch. What a great podcast station you have. Love the programs. I wish I could get your station in my car. I listen almost every time I get some free time! David Allen seems to be a great writer, loved Becky Wright reading of The Red Ribbon.

Great job guys!!!!

Josephine Pitter
Roseville, MN

Ken Moore
almost sixteen years ago

Love peopletalk, I listen here in Houston, every time their there is a new story recently,
Keep up the excellent work!

Ken M.

Pam woods
almost sixteen years ago

Hello From Rural Nebraska
Thank you for reaching out and touching me with your stories. You have made a real impact in my day!
Thanks again,

Tim Clark
almost sixteen years ago

I am a new listener who was invited to listen by a fan - Judie Smith in LA. Thanks, and I love the stories - please keep it coming!! ; )

Jackie Smith
almost sixteen years ago

I just stumbled upon your station earlier this week as I was searching for some really great stories to listen to as I worked. Really enjoy Becky Wright narration of The Red Ribbon, by David Allen. I will definitely tell others about your station!
Jackie Smith.

Jane Goodall
almost sixteen years ago

Hi peopletalk,
I was in New York last week on the way to a boring business meeting and had my iPod with me. Thank goodness, I had some of your stories on it, which help the journey home by train to be a pleasurable experience for once. I loved Becky Wright The Red Ribbon.
Keep up the awesome work!

A new fan in New England.