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peopletalk's Podcast

Due to Libsyn moving to new servers our website has changed.

Mar 31, 2017

Due to Libsyn moving to new servers our website has being automatically changed. Unfortunately it's going to take a few weeks before I can manage to redesign and sort out the problem is this is caused due to Libsyn moving.

95% of our traffic is it through the iTunes peopletalk Page, so if you are new to our web site...

Sep 9, 2015


 It’s a true story of intrigue, victory and betrayal, a story of industrial espionage  and corporate greed, counterfeiting and corporate wrongdoing. 


It’s the story of an audio invention that revolutionised the world music business; a story that could have come straight out of the pages of a thriller novel. ...

Apr 16, 2015



Recorded by Kay Barbour on an iPod, edited & produced by Nigel Killick


Here is an interview between Dorotha Miller 94 years old and her daughters 
Kay Barbour about Dorotha early life and her Father who had to become was a Bootlegger and outlaw after the Great Depression of 1929. These were hard and...

Sep 24, 2014



My interview today is with BJ Harrison who is the award-winning audiobook narrator and producer of the critically acclaimed Classic Tales Podcast. His work has received over 700 five-star ratings at the iTunes Music Store and Through his distinctive character voices, incredible range of accents, and...