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peopletalk's Podcast

Apr 19, 2009

Christabel Clark reads the Devil
by Guy de Maupassant
Directed and produced by Nigel Killick

Christabel is a member of The National Youth theatre, and hopes to follow a career in acting after completing her degree in Philosophy at The University of Cambridge. Until then her she is seeking out any opportunity she can to be involved in the world of drama, and intends to join Footlights as soon as she gets to Cambridge!

Christabel Clark is a young aspiring actress, currently filling her gap year with as much acting experience as she can lay her hands on! Bursting on to the stage at the age of six, drama and theatre have been a part of life ever since, and Christabel longs to turn her lifelong passion into a career. Christabel’s experience covers a wide range of drama, from Gilbert and Sullivan operas, to Shakespeare and Brecht, to musical theatre, also including self-written comedy sketches and short films.

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