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peopletalk's Podcast

Jun 19, 2009

Episode One:
Heather Taylor is a Canadian writer and actress who left the un-congested lands of Canada's endless open prairies; where Albertans talk slower and enjoy more space: and travelled halfway around the world, choosing to live in one of the most crowded places on the planet, England. 

This series highlights the strange and sometimes unexpected experiences of her new home while interacting with the local inhabitants; their strange customs and exotic architecture make Heather feel that she has stepped into a different world.  She gives us, the listener an insight into her thoughts from the New World to her experiences of living in the old world of Shakespeare surrounded by millions of people.

The first episode in the series, How I Ended up on a Small Island, highlights Heather’s journey from the prairies of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to the busy metropolis of London, England. 

Find out how she got here and why she decided to stay
Episode One: From the prairies of Canada to London
Episode Two: The strange and wonderful world of food
Episode Three: Why I'm here instead of there
Episode Four: A Sporting Life
Episode Five: Stuck in the middle of News
Episode Six: Going Home

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Music: 02-Chansons sans paroles (1989) op. 2 Humoresque
Gerard Satamian.
Album: Dry Fig Trees. 
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Cynthia Goldthorpe
fourteen and a half years ago

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed listening to \'How I landed up on a small Island\'. You paint a very relaxed, yet vivid picture of your adventure - and I look forward to hearing more of your impressions of your time in England.
I too love London, though sadly don\'t get to visit it much. Hopefully I will learn something about life in London today.