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peopletalk's Podcast

Dec 8, 2007

A frank and sometimes harrowing, sometimes funny interview with the Tony Diamond about his early years and his life. He talks about what made him write his fascinating book
Pebble on the Beach.

Pebble on the Beach is the true story of one boy's ability to survive. Growing up in Brighton, England. Tony was subjected to a childhood of physical and mental abuse - including electric shock treatment at the age of ten - abandoned by his family at fifteen, and sent to Australia to fend for himself. Unable to settle, wandering from place to place, he plotted his return to England, but an ill-fated attempt to stowaway led to imprisonment in New Zealand and his eventual deportation. Having visited four continents, survived four brushes with death and a journey of 30.000 miles, he arrived back in England profoundly changed. But were things at home any different?

To buy Tony's book, which is available in bookshops in Britain and on line at:
Book ISBN N0: 978-0-904733-62-4
Why not visit Tony Diamond web site
Music used in this podcast is: "I've Got a Secret" by Robin Stine

J Hynes
sixteen and a half years ago

I have just spent the last half hour listening to Tony Diamond\'s story what an amazing adventure although sad yet funny at times, I felt as if I was there with him and cant wait to read the book.

Katie Wood
sixteen and a half years ago

Hi, just wanted to say how interesting and unusal Tony Diamond\'s story is. He seems to have come through a very traumatic childhood and yet has retained a sense of humour about his trials and tribulations.

It hardly seems believable that the authorites could have put a child through such an ordeal. I will certainly be interested in reading his book.