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peopletalk's Podcast

May 20, 2009

My interview today is a little offbeat and might be considered strange and somewhat bizarre, as I am talking to the Moon man a.k.a. Barry McArdle.  No he's not a deranged fantasists, who has escaped from the local lunatic asylum and no I haven't finally  given into senility.

For some of you who are old enough to remember the 70s, you will probably have a faint glimmer of recognition only when I tell you, that he was quite famous for selling acres on the moon for a dollar.  His story is one of those kind of urban myths that you're never quite sure is true, and think it was probably made up by a group of late-night drinkers in a bar and has passed into the mists of time and legend.   But I have to tell you that it's all true, it really is true and I was fascinated to re-acquaint myself with this story of how this young Californian man managed to carve out a living for almost 10 years after leaving college, selling certificates of land ownership on the moon to passersby on the street.
Obviously, we will be giving a link on our website to Barry McArdle's excellent free audio book, where our listeners can hear the whole funny story in all its glorious technicolour.  So this interview can only really be a synopsis of Barry's fascinating life story and is a only a teaser to encourage our listeners to hear his wonderfully descriptive and funny story.

Why not visit Barry McArdle web site to buy his book and moon certificates

To listen to Barry McArdle's excellent free audio book click here

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