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peopletalk's Podcast

Aug 21, 2006

Isabel Woods is a professional Actress who trained at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts London. If you wish to know more about Isabel
please visit his page on this site.

About the author Ella D'Arcy.

Short Story Writer, Novelist.
Active 1890-1924 in England, Britain, Europe

Though Ella D'Arcy was considered by a number of her contemporaries to be among the innovators of New fiction in the early to mid 1890s for her decidedly modernistic short stories and her crucial role in the development of The Yellow Book quarterly, she has since all but disappeared from the literary map. Yet despite the lack of popular or critical attention that has been given to her over the past century, D'Arcy her birth has been located). She was probably the eldest of five sisters and at least one brother. Her father was Anthony Byrne D'Arcy, a partner in the firm of Patrick and Anthony D'Arcy reticence.