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peopletalk's Podcast

Dec 26, 2007

Josie Bloom reads The short story
"The Mistress and Her Maid",
written by David Allen, produced by Nigel Killick.

Set in eighteenth century England, THE MISTRESS AND HER MAID is the haunting tale of a young country maid who overhears an argument between her mistress and master, and the tragic events which follow, against the backdrop of a gathering storm.

Josie Bloom is a professional Actress who trained at the Academy of Creative Training in Brighton. If you wish to know more about Josie
please visit her CV page.

Music by Devin Anderson"Uniforms motion picture score - Untitled Track (7th)" Please go to his music on

D. Egorov
over sixteen years ago

Hi Nigel,
Podcasting has now become popular as an alternative way of providing \\\'radio\\\' type content that can be listened to whenever, wherever and as many times as the listener wants. The idea that a podcast can be produced by just about anyone with access to the Internet has generated a lot of interest in educational circles. In ELT, the appeal is not only in providing additional listening input for students. I have been telling my students about your excellent podcast. The Stories seem to go down well with my students as this is a new form of story telling to them and helps then concentrate on learning English in an interesting and entertaining way. The Mistress and Her Maid narrated by Josie Bloom was especially liked by my class. I have found my Students even exchanging some of your stories between their iPods as considered it\\\'s cool. D. Egorov, St Petersburg

Cynthia Goldthorpe
over sixteen years ago

Dear Josie, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your reading of The Mistress and her Maid. You brought the story to life with your lively reading. I look forward to hearing more stories read by you in the future.
Best wishes Cynthia.

Julieta Ginobili
over sixteen years ago

I live in Buenos Aires, and listen to your podcast, on the morning and afternoon drive to work. By plugging my iPod in to my PC it auto downloads relevant Podcasts, deletes those listened to and I then just plug the iPod into the car for those spluttering commutes., I think your podcast are cool interesting stuff, great, educational and the coverages of subjects is fantastic. I just listened to Josie Bloom reading The short story \"The Mistress and Her Maid\", written by David Allen. I really enjoyed the whole the story and production, congratulation to every one involved. Julieta Ginobili, Buenos Aires

Keiko M
over sixteen years ago

Audio podcasts can be a powerful thing, especially when it is portable and private.
I love the fact that I can listen to one of your story when I want to or go back and enjoy the earlier programs. I sometimes have to stop listening in the middle of a story as I have reached work but know that I can continue to listen on the way home. Loved \"The Mistress and Her Maid\", written by David Allen. Keiko, Tokyo