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Sep 5, 2012

Dear Mr. Killick,

I write to you firstly to complement you and the Peopletalk family for the superb and outstanding work you are doing for the benefit of audio book enthusiasts.

I greatly enjoyed the wonderful audio book series you produced on the authoritative book 'Cleopatra' by Jacob Abbott which was read by Sandra Ventris in a way that has been acknowledged by all of your website fans as being simply fantastic and marvelous!

Judging by the comments recorded in the comments section of your website, I think this audio book series was the greatest hit and it really stimulated interest in the subject.


I was wondering if you'll be producing another audio book series of this type in the near future, and if you do intend to do so, might I suggest you choose Jacob Abbott's 'Hannibal' for production. I think it would be really awesome if you could produce an audio book for it, as I am sure those of your website fans who enjoyed Abbott's 'Cleopatra' will definitely enjoy this one too since it belongs to the same genre and is written with the same unique and captivating style.

I hope I am not being presumptuous in making this humble suggestion since I honestly believe it will be a great idea and it will prove very beneficial for those who are interested in this kind of stuff.

The book I have suggested is easily accessible online and has many free e-versions like the one that has been made available by Project Gutenberg at:


I look forward to a favourable reply.

And please do keep up the good work!


Ali Hur.

A Peopletalk enthusiast from Aligarh (UP),




Again, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying 'The Call of Africa' - I feel I am there with you on your adventure - I feel the heat and the noise and colour. Waiting with baited breath for the next episode.

posted by: URSULA 



Reviewer: iDandrea -   Subject:

Rare treat Something everyone should hear before venturing into Alaska. I've heard many tales in the past but this author, Basil Sands, has personally lived there. He colorfully shares his perspective mixing in humor with the details. Sands is a skilled writer and orator who, being aware of his audience, draws in the listener. Due to some of the content I would rate it -PG. Why not listen to Basil Sands "Our man in Alaska."


 Dear Nigel, I recently discovered peopletalk's wonderful high quality audio productions and have listened to a number of your short stories and interviews. Thank you and your team of fine actors and actresses for giving the listener such good quality recordings.   I'm a South African English teacher in Italy and have recommended your site to all my upper level students. After listening to the moon man interview.

I look forward to listening to many more wonderful stories on Peopletalk.

Margaret Brizzolari  posted by: Margaret.