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Mar 29, 2009

Audio Book

A room without a smile
Successful children's author Romola Pearce and her husband James, lead an idyllic life: a new London house and their first baby on the way.

However, everything is not as perfect as it first appears. The house, particularly the back bedroom which is to be the nursery, shelters a ghostly presence; a small boy who threatens Romola and her unborn child.

Nicola Dane graduated from The Academy of Creative Training in 2007. Credits include voice-over for The Arts Council, Cinderella (Rainbow Theatre), and Lucy in Lucy (Andrea Brooks, Pavilion Theatre), as well as a substantial amount of corporate roleplay. She is part of the comedy singing act The Vogueabonds (which was invited to Glastonbury for the second time this year). Half-South-African, Nicola is a Psychology graduate who has worked running a department in a secure psychiatric unit, and as Editor for a newsletter for an international charity. She is an accomplished soprano and enjoys painting and playing the violin in her spare time.

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Gary Mepsted is a writer, director and occasional - and reluctant - actor.

almost fourteen years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The reader was excellent.