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peopletalk's Podcast

Jun 12, 2010

Teenager, Abbie Lefevre, has vanished without trace. When struggling private detective Abe Gunnings is called in by Abbie's mother to investigate her disappearance, he quickly discovers that nothing about the case is as it first appears.

Written and directed by Gary Mepsted, narrated by Nick Green, edited and produced by 

Nigel Killick 




Nicholas Green – Actor Profile

Born in Wallington, South London, during the 60s, Nicholas Green has been involved with music, drama & television all his life. Nicholas is involved with media production for over 40 satellite & TV broadcasters with his company TV Media Publishing and now runs local Brighton production company, Driftwood Productions, producing live theatre recordings, comedy, music, drama and film. Driftwood is recently to be found working on a series of short films collectively compiled under the film banner, ‘Driftwood’ due to be released during 2011.

Nicholas is also a keen actor, studying drama at North Kesteven in Lincolnshire. Over the years he has acted in numerous productions such as ‘The Wall’, ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘1984’. Moving to East Sussex in the 90’s he further studied drama at ACT Brighton. In 2009 he starred in the ACT production of David Hare’s play, ‘The Blue Room’ as the taxi driver. During 2010’s May Festival he has worked on PPZ Productions’ Henry VIII play, ‘The Royal Informer’. Currently he is appearing in Crimson Horse Theatre stage adaptation of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and their self-devised play ‘Closure’.