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peopletalk's Podcast

Dec 18, 2006

This was my first podcast, a walk-about in Rudyard Kiplings' village Rottingdean in Sussex on a hot summers day last year. Kipling was the author of the Jungle Book and many other stories. Kipling was born in Bombay on December 30th 1865, son of John Lockwood Kipling, an artist and teacher of architectural sculpture, and his wife Alice. His mother was one of the talented and beautiful Macdonald sisters, four of whom married remarkable men, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Poynter, Alfred Baldwin, and John Lockwood Kipling himself.

Cynthia Benson
almost seventeen years ago

Hi I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your site – the stories are very interesting and very varied. I particularly liked the item by Terry Buzby describing in an amusing way about his life in the Marines. The walk round the garden of Rudyard Kipling’s house in Rottingdene, was also very enjoyable and had quite a calming effect on me after a busy day, I could almost imagine that I was there and will certainly make an effort to go and see for myself if I am ever down that way.

I have to say that I have enjoyed them all and eagerly await any new items.

I think your presentation and interviewing style is very relaxed and natural – keep up the good work!

Best wishes, Cynthia Benson