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peopletalk's Podcast

Jan 21, 2008

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Scott Haney reads The End of the Path by Newbold Noyes and produced by Nigel Killick.

Set in a little church in the misty purple foothills of the Italian Alps and the blue lake of Como. It's a strange but poignant and evocative story of long lost love and a haunting picture of the Virgin Mary.

Scott Haney is an  American professional actor based in England, who trained at the U.S.C. Drama School in the USA.

If you wish to know more about Scott please visit his Spotlight page.
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Kay Benson
over sixteen years ago

Just a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed your reading of The End of the Path. A very unusal story, left me wanting to hear more read by you.

almost sixteen years ago

A good story, production as perfect as humanly possible. Impeccable direction, stylish acting, a lavish listen. A.Goias

Aaron Hatefutsoth
almost sixteen years ago

It sounds like an unusual thing to want to do, at least here in North America, where audio drama as popular entertainment had its heyday in the ’30s and ’40s. But there are a surprising number of people out now producing good drama. Peopletalk has some excellent actors and you produces some of the best-sound work you’ll hear anywhere on the web. I really enjoyed \"The End of the Path\" by Newbold Noyes and great reading by Scott Haney. Keep up the good work.Aaron Hatefutsoth, New York

Peter Robinson
almost sixteen years ago

Again peopletalk, this is a beautiful production. Scott Haney reads The End of the Path by Newbold Noyes, produced by Nigel Killick, which has excellent qualities, narration, which has great impact on the story, not to mention that it emphasizes the actors Scott Haney\'s beautiful American voice. A British Expat, Syria.