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peopletalk's Podcast

Oct 30, 2006

Lucky and Hollie run a tattoo studio on the south coast of England. Their studio is called Skin Candy. In their interviews they talk about what it takes to become a tattooist, their take on life and how tattooing has changed in the last ten years. They were very kind and understanding while we moved in all our cameras and recording equipment. We have created a link to photographs taken of their work and customers, which we hope will give you more of an impression of what a tattooing studio is all about?

Jean-Paul English

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Samantha Jane
sixteen and a half years ago


I am new to the Pod Casting genre but I am very quickly getting addicted to pod casts in general but more specifically yours. I just listened to this podcast yesterday and it was really good, very informative. Although its not my thing, I don’t have any tattoos myself, I have friends in the industry and they are exactly as you have portrayed them. Friendly, wonderful and artistic people.

Its nice to hear from every day people sharing extraordinary stories, which seems to be what your site offers.

You are very talented at this, and after listening to some of those pod casts out there I can say how talented. Anyway just wanted to drop you a line telling you good job and keep that content up as its nice to fill my i-Pod with the stories you are gathering.

Samantha Jane