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peopletalk's Podcast

Aug 5, 2012

Episode One: Africa is calling 
Episode Two: Gateway to Africa
Episode Three: First impressions
Episode Four: Voyage to The North
Episode Five: To Walk With The Elephants
Episode Six: Making a Difference 

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Narrated and written by Sal Bolton
Directed and produced by Nigel Killick

‘You can do it for 3 months or longer, West Africa, country called Ghana – you could teach the kids how to play tennis there’….

Akwaaba! These 6 short episodes depict memoirs from the stories of young University Graduate Sal Bolton making a soul searching decision in taking the sport she loves to aid the underprivileged communties of deepest darkest Africa to the land of the Black Star, Ghana.
The episodes follow Sal’s adventures from the encouraging words of a university friend to make a difference in the world after a heavy night of student partying in England….to the unpredictable Tro Tro rides of the dusty congested backstreets of Accra, an adrenaline fuelled adventure across the biggest lake in Africa and roaming the roads of the unknown to walk with the elephants, and receiving her very first marriage proposal whilst being sold a steering wheel. The series highlights the interesting and comedic customs and etiquette she encounters as an ‘Obruni’ in Africa, whilst interacting with the ‘happy go lucky’ local Ghanaians in their habitat and also the heartwarming inner peace she finally finds whilst offering a hand to those less fortunate.  

These stories are adapted from a forthcoming book, The Call of Africa which hope to inspire and open the eyes for anybody that’s ever wondered what its like to be a young white girl living and breathing this magical continent in the aim of making a difference.

Sal Bolton is a professional actress and attended the CWF Studio Film Academy, London

I would like to acknowledge and thank Cat O’Connor for her help with this project
Ghana Tennis Aid web page:
View photos of the Ghana Tennis project at