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peopletalk's Podcast

Jun 28, 2015



A Will to Kill For by Emil Petaja. This short fictional story is in the long tradition of pulp fiction. It's a story of greed and murder but with a good twist at the end.



Narrated by Tim Danko and produced by Nigel Killick with music by Benjamin Orth



About Tim Danko.


After a successful career in technology and management consulting, Tim has returned to the work he so loved in college – voiceover.  During college, this meant working in both commercial and public radio, now it means audiobooks and long-form narration.


Tim focuses on contemporary mysteries, science fiction, faith and spirituality, and business.  Currently, he works mostly with independent authors and publishers.  He has studied with the highly respected coaches, directors, and voice actors Patrick Fraley, Scott Brick, and Paul Alan Ruben.  His voice has been described as warm and engendering trust.


Tim lives in Pennsylvania in the United States with his wife, Sally.



Here is a link to the music on by Benjamin Orth, featuring Jacinda Espinosa.