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peopletalk's Podcast

Jan 23, 2007

Information for Actors and Voice over artists.

If you want to know more about how peopletalk works with it's actors and voice over artists.

But I first have to ask, do you realise this is not a paying job and that we receive no payments of any kind for our audio recordings on the peopletalk or Apple iTunes web site?

If you know that, and are still interested, then the next step is for you to contact us after reading and listening to the audio for actors on above, just click the Pod logo above.

I will then arrange for us to have a short chat on skype or Source-connect now. 

Also, we would have to record the session over the internet using a professional audio quality free service called Source-Connect now. You don't need to sign up for this free service as I will send you an invitation but you may like to use this excellent free service for your own needs? But this service only works using the Chrome web browser, so if you have not already downloaded it yet, you will need to do so.!/

We only record over the internet, so all Narrators and Voice Over Artists will need their own Home Studio.


List of what you need if you don't have your own Home recording Studio already.

Skip this following sectionin in blue if you already have your own Home Studio.


We need to establish that you have the right equipment:

(1) A modern computer.

(2) A high speed internet connection.

(3) A professional high quality microphone, not a  (USB) microphones.

(4) A audio interface box to connect your microphone to your computer.

(5) Chrome web browser

If you don’t have a basic Home studio equipment set up  and want advice on what to buy? 

I am willing to help you, based on your budget and needs. If you're on a tight budget then  I would recommend the Blue Spark microphone for around £125.00 at the time of posting. This is a good microphone if you have no experience in buying professional microphones?  


You will also need to plug the microphone into your computer by connecting it through a USB audio interface box. I recommend a Rolands Duo-Capture EX for £99.00.  And that is all you will need for a high-quality entry-level Home studio setup to get started. All for the price of less than it would cost you for a smartphone.


This setup was recommended to me by a BBC Sound engineer and this is all you will need to get started plus your computer. I have since bought this setup, so that I could test it thoroughly, to make sure I'm happy to recommend it. I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by the combination of the Blue Spark microphone and the audio Roland audio interface box. So that is why I'm happy to recommend it.



Be careful there are two types of Blue Spark microphones, one is a USB that plug straight into your computer without the need for a audio Interface box. I do not recommend this one. They are easy to identify as the USB model is coloured blue. The USB model is nearly as expensive as the professional studio microphone, so don't waste your money.


The one I'm recommending uses professional XLR leads and is the Blue Spark microphone coloured red. It's a little bit confusing because the manufacturers name is blue also.


I purchased a lot of my equipment from a German company, because their prices are very keen and they give me an excellent and efficient service. But be careful of the euro exchange rate at the time posting the euro is weak, so you can get some good deals? So far, I have been charged no import duties or extra VAT. But I cannot be held responsible for your buying experience as I am only recommending this based on mine.


I would like to state clearly that I get no kickbacks or commissions from any equipment that you buy from this company.


Here is the link


Here is a link where the Blue Spark microphone is tested against microphone costing over $1000 to $3,500.

It is always better to buy the best you can afford if you want to get paid work being a Voice Over Artists.


You will need the Chrome web browser.

The next stage is we will design a bespoke audio project around you and look for the right kind of short story that we are looking for, and is approx. 20-30 minutes long. The good thing about working with peopletalk web radio is, that your work will stay active on our site until they become unpopular and then they would be replace. Some of our programmes have been on our site from the beginning until now. 

Also, our creative people use our PT web site and our Apple iTunes pages as a living CV to point directors, producers and program makers to hear their peopletalk work. We have an iTunes page where most of our 750,000 downloads in 64 countries have been generated world wide.

In the past we could only use local actors who came from the south of England, as we only recorded in a recording studio at the Brighton University. But the world has now changed, with the advent of free high quality audio recording over the hight speed the internet.

This means that actors can be anywhere in the world and most actors & voice-over artists have set up or are setting up their own Home studio. This now gives then access to a world wide audiobook and voice over market. So much so, that this has become the standard operating procedure. Unfortunately, only red carpets celebrity actors are now invited into the enormously expensive recording studio environment. Unless it's for an advertising commercial.

So any Actor Narrator or Voice-over artists that does not plan in learning how to use their own home studio and installing a Home Studio will be losing out on one of the fastest growing audio marketplaces.

If you are still interested, please let me know and we can arrange a Skype session. I am based in the UK, (GMT time zone).  I will need to know where are you based in the world, your time zone? If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

My Skype name is: nigelkillick
Please email before trying to connact with me on Skype.

Regards Nigel Killick Executive producer at peopletalk.


Links for the gutenberg site: