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peopletalk's Podcast

Sep 15, 2014


 For those who enjoyed listening to Sal Bolton's 

'The Call of Africa', you are invited to follow her on another adventure, this time into the rain forests of Ecuador, South America.

Sal, inspired by her childhood film hero, Indiana Jones, and with only a basic school-girl knowledge of Spanish, attempts her own adventure into the Amazon, one of the most mysterious and formidable bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet; a place that has drawn explorers and travellers for generations into its dark and sacred heart. 


Episode Five - Finding Miss Piggy

'Letter's from the Amazon'   This amusing and enlightening story is told in in six short audio episodes. 

In this latest instalment of Sal's exotic South American adventure, we find ourselves following the pages of her journal notes during her isolation in Ecuador's remote deepest darkest Amazon Rainforest for well over a month later.

Having been initially enchanted by the whirlwind of the jungles bewitching charm, she soon begins to feel the over whelming effects of 'jungle fever', the realism of wild seclusion in a foreign community and the occasional crippling pangs of alienation and looming loneliness....

Until one day, a curly tailed friend is about to turn her world upside down.....a piglet.

 Armed with a $50 note and a new found spring in her step, Sal embarks on a road trip adventure with native ranger Sergio to the local jungle town of Tena in search of a little 'chanchita' as a new addition to the Jatun Sacha reserve. Failing to find one at the market, they begin tenaciously scouring the dusty back streets of Tena searching for clues -  sending them in hot pursuit of 'Senor Rodriguez' to the neighbouring town of Cotundo in their quest of finding Miss Piggy....



Episode One:   In Dr Jones Footsteps
Episode Two:   Into The Amazon
Episode Three: Welcome To The Jungle
Episode Four:   The Enchanted Forest
Episode Five:    Finding Miss Piggy

Coming soon......

Episode Six: Last Boat to Misahualli
Written and Narrated by Sal Bolton
Directed and Produced by Nigel Killick


Please Buy an Acre for £25 from The Rainforest Foundation UK