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peopletalk's Podcast

May 17, 2013

Peter Higginbotham is one of Britain's best known authors and researchers on the workhouse - a much detested institution which for almost three centuries provided shelter, in return for labour, for the nation's destitute.

In the course of his researches, Peter has visited every corner of the British Isles, from Cornwall to Shetland, and from Kent to Galway, in order to track down former workhouse buildings. His work on the workhouse, and the larger poor relief system of which it formed a pivotal part, has resulted in the highly regarded website together with a number of books on the subject including The Workhouse EncyclopediaVoices from the WorkhouseThe Workhouse Cookbook and A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse.

Peter is also a frequent contributor to radio programmes such as BBC Radio 4's Making History and Tracing Your Roots, and TV shows such as Heir Hunters and Who Do Yo Think You Are?

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