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peopletalk's Podcast

Jul 1, 2007

My audio tour to day is on the Volk's Electric Railway with (photo Ian Gledhill),  Chairman of (VERA) Volks Electric Railway Association. Opened in 1883 the Magnus Volk electric powered railway runs along the seafront at Brighton in the South East of England.  It was opened on 4 August 1883 by Magnus Volk, the man who designed and built the railway from scratch, in as little as three to six weeks.  Volk's Electric Railway (VER) is the oldest operating electric railway in the world. It is a narrow gauge railway that runs along a length of the seafront of the English seaside resort of Brighton.

Today the railway can carry up to eighty passengers along the beach for one and a quarter miles. Although not quite the first example of electric traction in the world it was certainly the first proper electric railway in Britain. Today it holds the deserved position of being the oldest remaining operating electric railway in the world.

Music by Chris Harvey: Paris : Album: The White Sailand. 
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Photos of Volks Electric Railway
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