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peopletalk's Podcast

Feb 18, 2007

Word Games written by Gary Mepsted and read by Claire Mitchell.
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Claire Mitchell  is a Voice Over artist and you can contact her on
07812 177427. please visit her page on this site

An original monologue Word Games written by Gary Mepsted and
prodced by Nigel Killick.
Podsafe Music:
Intro Music by Gary Mepsted. please visit his page on this site

Todd Buddy
fifteen and a half years ago

Wow! What a great web site! All the programs sounded great! I appreciated all your pieces.
I also liked the simple plain-spoken nature of Claire Mitchel\'s voice. I stayed in Yorkshire a couple years back while on holiday from the USA and love to hear the accent, It was like a BBC Radio piece, only it was actually peopletalk. Thanks to all concerned with the Gary Mepsted piece. Todd Buddy L.A.

Glen F. Lee
fifteen and a half years ago

I enjoy listening to you on my ipod every chance I get. You do a great job and have very interesting programs. Thanks for your time and effort in bringing great audio books narrated by professional actors to your listeners. I wish there were more shows like yours to help entertain people who like intelligent radio like myself. I spent two great years in the USAF at Lakenheath and Mildenhall in the North of England. Gary Mepsted\'s Word Games was wonderfully narrated by Claire Mitchell , the audio book was fantastic and brought back so many good memories.
— Glen F., Lee, KY