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Oct 15, 2013

'Letter's from the Amazon'   This amusing and enlightening story is told in in six short audio episodes.

For those who enjoyed listening to Sal Bolton's 'The Call of Africa', you are invited to follow her on another adventure, this time into the rain forests of Ecuador, South America.

 Sal, inspired by her childhood film hero, Indiana Jones, and with only a basic school-girl knowledge of Spanish, attempts her own adventure into the Amazon, one of the most mysterious and formidable bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet; a place that has drawn explorers and travellers for generations into its dark and sacred heart.

Episode 3. Welcome to the Jungle.

Part Three of 'Letters From The Amazon' In this third instalment of Sal's exotic South American adventure, we continue to follow the story of the 'English Gringa's' unpredictable mishaps, as she persists in meeting the challenge of reaching the Jatun Sacha Biological Reserve, in the Orient Region of Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest.
Sal finds herself stranded and confused, standing by the roadside in the Jungle town of Tena. Clutching a bus ticket with the name 'SARL' written on it, she struggles to decide what to do next: Divine intervention and a little help from the Spanish locals gets her on the right jungle bus towards Ahuano, where the next stage of her journey unfolds. Struggling with the unfamiliar customs and etiquette (and odours) that come with being crushed in with the commuting jungle natives, as she heads away from the familiarity of civilisation and into the wild isolation of the jungle – all made bearable by her unquenchable appetite for foreign adventure.
Finally Sal reaches the Jatun Sacha Reserve and she begins to settle into her new, bizarre and mysterious home  in Amazonia....along with  those strange things that go  'bump'  in the jungle night....


Episode One:   In Dr Jones Footsteps
Episode Two:   Into The Amazon
Episode Three: Welcome To The Jungle
Episode Four:   The Enchanted Forest
Episode Five:   Finding Miss Piggy

Coming soon......

Episode Six: Last Boat to Misahualli
Written and Narrated by Sal Bolton
Directed and Produced by Nigel Killick

Please Buy an Acre for £25 from The Rainforest Foundation UK

Jatun Sacha Reserve
World Land Trust
Sky Rainforest Rescue
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