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peopletalk's Podcast

Jan 19, 2007

Judi Pusey is an American from California, who has been living in a small English village in the South of England for the last eighteen years. When she first arrived she felt terribly home sick because she found the lifestyle a little too slow after coming from the busy 24/7 rat race of California, but now she feels at...

Jan 1, 2007

Anne Conway is a successful reportage and travel photographer with nearly 30 years experience.

Anne studied photography at the prestigious West Surrey school of Art in the south of England in the late 70s before moving to Paris, where she embarked on her career as a freelance photographer.

She started working for...

Nov 20, 2006

The author of this captivating book, Audrey Farley, talks to us about her book JAMES LULHAM OF TELSCOMBE: The last man to be hanged  for Sheep Stealing?  In our interview she talks about James as if he was an old friend while she describes the whole sad story to us.

From the book:

The picturesque Sussex Village of...

Oct 23, 2006

Katherine Schellenberg was born in 1932, to second generation emigrant farmers in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, Canada.

To Katherine the iconic images of the great depression are more than just old black and white photographs of men waiting in bread lines, working in relief camps and protesting against their dreadful...

Oct 16, 2006

Gareth Goldthorpe is a very fit and young looking sixty one year old, who has been a bookbinder for the last twenty years.

In his interview, he talks about his unconventional and somewhat eccentric childhood, being sent off to boarding school at the tender age of five, and how he ran away, traveling some fifteen miles...