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peopletalk's Podcast

Nov 13, 2006

As I was going about my locality trying to find interesting stories about people and places, I met a man on a bus. We got talking, as you do, and it soon became apparent to me that the chap I was talking to was an interesting feller.

In our conversation, we exchanged the normal chat about the weather - the kind of...

Nov 6, 2006

SERV, also known as the 'Blood Runners', is a charitable organisation that delivers blood products to the emergency and accident hospitals across Southern England at night free of charge when official Health Service transportation services don't operate.

SERV is a Registered Charity (#284455) run by dedicated...

Oct 30, 2006

Lucky and Hollie run a tattoo studio on the south coast of England. Their studio is called Skin Candy. In their interviews they talk about what it takes to become a tattooist, their take on life and how tattooing has changed in the last ten years. They were very kind and understanding while we moved in all our cameras...

Jan 28, 2006

Naked Voices is an Acappella group of singers, which was formed about fifteen years ago. Since then they have preformed in front of many different venues - from birthday parties to funerals.