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peopletalk's Podcast

Nov 7, 2007

Our latest audio book is the classic fable
'Beauty and the Beast'  by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont narrated by
Sara Mendes da Costa. (Photo) produced by Nigel Killick.


French author (1711-1780)
Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont was born in Rouen in 1711. In 1748 her first...

Nov 6, 2007

Sandra Ventris reads part 15 of Cleopatra by Jacob Abbott, produced by Nigel Killick.

Of all the beautiful women of history, none has left us such convincing
proofs of her charms as Cleopatra, for the tide of Rome's destiny, and,
therefore, that of the world, turned aside because of her beauty. Julius
Caesar, whose...