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peopletalk's Podcast

Nov 6, 2007

Sandra Ventris reads part 15 of Cleopatra by Jacob Abbott, produced by Nigel Killick.

Of all the beautiful women of history, none has left us such convincing
proofs of her charms as Cleopatra, for the tide of Rome's destiny, and,
therefore, that of the world, turned aside because of her beauty. Julius
Caesar, whose legions trampled the conquered world from Canopus to the Thames, capitulated to her, and Mark Antony threw a fleet, an empire and his own honor to the winds to follow her to his destruction. Disarmed at last before the frigid Octavius, she found her peerless body measured by the cold eye of her captor only for the triumphal procession, and the friendly asp alone spared her Rome's crowning ignominy.

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Sandra Ventris is a professional Actress. If you wish to know more about Sandra please visit her page on this site.

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Jacquelyn Child
sixteen and a half years ago

\"Not for the faint of heart, this audio book will keep listeners glued to their ipods to the very last episode. \"Astonishing and truly remarkable ... tough, subtle, tense, authentic and very beautifully descriptive. Thank you Sandra Ventris for your wonderful narration! How many more episodes?\" Jacquelyn Child, France.

Peter White
sixteen and a half years ago

\"Awesome and enlightening! I have listened all fourteen episodes of Cleopatra. It is a powerful and inspiring story, written creatively and with authority. Quite unabashedly satisfying...prompting even this most jaded listener to stay up until the wee hours of the night just to find out what happened next...a thrilling story.\"

Sheila Coons
sixteen and a half years ago

\"A truly astounding narration and production! This audio book is a total surprise... and a good one at that! If a history as interesting as this were taught in school, I would have done much better in my history classes. It amazes me just how much has been left out of our \"accepted\" history. There are global \"catastrophes\" that bring civilizations around the globe to an end in a very short time. Or as the book describes, the love of Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony doomed them to an early death. One surprise -- there are many -- in his book Jacob Abbott covers the historical religious ideologies and mythology and he discusses these periods and brings the characters alive, but somehow they aren\'t discussed in schools and even universities. Another surprise is that natural disasters, and war have been undergoing a steady climb from the late Egyptian times to the present -- a sort of climax is occurring. Even more surprising is that when natural disasters go up, wars go up together, and vice versa -- . The most important thing is that this audio book is very timeless, and it explains why the world is the way it is today. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Five Stars.
Sheila, Coons Oakland

Matt Holmes
sixteen and a half years ago

\"A very intelligent and engaging audio book about the chaos of the ancient Roman world of Mark Antony and Egypt\'s Queen Cleopatra, the story has an timeless qualities that make us human.\"
—Matt Holmes ,San Francisco

Michael Oakland
sixteen and a half years ago

This is a wonderful insight into the lives of those who lived in the ancient world. I’ve read many books on ancient Egypt but Jacob Abbott\'s book goes into great detail about the politics and wars that touched the lives of the ancient Roman world of Mark Antony and Egypt\'s Queen Cleopatra. It’s a very good audio book to share with young people and middle-aged adults who want to better understand that historical figures and politics were not that different then they are now. Thank you Sandra Ventris for your wonderful reading. Michael, Oakland (TN, USA)

Alfonso Santiago
sixteen and a half years ago

Astonishing masterpiece!! Alfonso Santiago, Seville, Spain.