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peopletalk's Podcast

Dec 4, 2006

Our Sound-seeing tour today is to Brighton's Toy and Model Museum on the south coast of England. Chris Littledale is a self-effacing man in his early sixties who might appear a little eccentric to people who don't know him. I spent a couple happy hours being shown around the museum by him. He explained about his lifelong passion for toys, so much so that his passion took over his life and his small apartment. In the end, things came to a head when his friends intervened and persuaded Chris that he needed to find a permanent home for his vast collection.

So it was that fifteen years ago, Chris and his little group of helpers found the arches under Brighton's main railway station were for rent and the Brighton Toy and Model Museum was born. After more years than Chris Littledale, the founder cares to remember, the museum has become a landmark in the South of England for model train and toy aficionados and the general public, who take their children along to see the kind of toys they played with when they were children.

Inside the museum you will find over 10,000 exhibits on display. including: collections of toys from the last 100 years, many period antique toys, examples from the world's top toy makers, and a priceless model train collection. Brighton Toy and Model Museum is one of Brighton's most fascinating attractions and an Aladdin's cave for the whole family.

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over seventeen years ago

Hi Nigel,

Many thanks for including the Brighton Toy and Model Museum article and sound tour on your fantastic site. Everyone at the Museum is delighted and I\'ve just added your site to our new Links page for our visitors to enjoy.

I had fun listening to a couple of interviews on your site and am looking forward to exploring the site further. I\'m impressed by the broad mix of people and subjects you\'ve investigated and found it interesting and unpredictable. This must be such an exciting way to work... I\'ve been involved with the My Brighton and Hove project (, which features personal stories and (mostly geographical) tours too, but our contributions are text and photo based. Sound adds so much!!!

Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great work,

Jenny - Brighton Toy and Model Museum website person