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peopletalk's Podcast

Featured writer and associate peopletalk Producer David Allen.

Jun 11, 2008

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David Allen is primarily a writer and has written and directed for theatre, radio and film.
His stage plays for adults have been performed in a variety of venues in Brighton, London and at the Edinburgh Festival, which include Birds & Stones, Our Little Secret, Chipped Nails & Lipstick, Zones of Discomfort and Don't Worry About Him.  His writing credits for children include Shush!, William the Wizard Slayer and Ah-choo: The Boy Who Could Not Stop Sneezing for The Spotlight Theatre Company. He has also worked for Ragdoll of Teletubbies and Boobah fame in the development of a television fantasy adventure for 7 year olds, in addition to writing picture books for young readers.

David has been an associate producer with Peopletalk Radio since 2006 and his credits include:
An Interview with Leslie Gilliat, Veteran Film Producer
Theatre Royal Brighton Audio Tour
Crufts – The World’s Greatest Dog Show (in production)
Zulu (see below)
Audio Books by David Allen
Josie Bloom reads “The Mistress & Her Maid”
Holly Walters reads "Dreamscape" (in production)
Scott Haney reads "The Snake, The Duke & The Diamonds" (in production)
Becky Wright reads "The Red Ribbon" (in production)
Coming Soon….
With associate producer and editor Josie Bloom, David is currently busy producing his latest documentary Zulu which is about the 1964 adventure film, which depicts the Battle of Rorke's Drift between the British Army and the Zulus in 1879.
The documentary centres around the film, - the key figures involved in making the film, the actors, the filmmakers and the soldiers who fought at Rorke’s Drift, in addition to discussing whether the film accurately portrays the historical events on which the film is based. 
The documentary combines archive news reports from Victorian England and also features interviews with the film historians Dr Sheldon Hall and Julian Fox, in addition to the acclaimed historians and Anglo Zulu War experts Ian Knight and Dr Macadam.  In the documentary, David guides the listener through the complicated political minefield and reasons for the war, while giving the listener a snapshot picture of the individuals involved, including the fascinating tale of the defeated Zulu king Cetawayo who visited England to have tea with Queen Victoria.