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peopletalk's Podcast

Oct 25, 2014

Episode Six Final Episode– Last Boat to Misahualli

 “There's something about saying the word 'jungle' which immediately invites the thoughts of danger and intense curiosity: a secret Utopia which only the boldest of spirits will dare to venture into. So I decided to pack my bag, and go it alone…..well, sort of."

In the last instalment of Sal Bolton’s six part Amazonian adventure story, we follow Sal in her most boldest odyssey yet….deciding to pack her bag and curiously head into the oddities and untamed mystery of the jungle alone, adhering to the call of the wild on her first solo expedition to further explore Ecuador’s Amazonia.

Having safely left her tenacious - mannered new found piglet after a series of disappearing acts back at the reserve; she embarks on a very wet early morning venture to the nearby jungle villageport of Misahualli.  After securing a ride on a motor canoe with her native driver Miguel, we are carried along on a journey, deeper into the sacred and mysterious heart of the rainforest and the fleeting river side life. 

Upon reaching a remote area of the forest further up river, Sal meets quirky jungle tour guide and translator Elibar which she soon realises she may have got more than she bargained for when she discovers he doesn’t speak a word of English!

Together lost in translation and armed with machetes, the pair head into the unpredictable cocoon of the jungle on a whirlwind adventure; revealing the extraordinary secrets and sometimes unnerving surprises of the rainforest, meeting an indigenous shaman offering to spiritually ‘cleanse’ their souls and a playful game of tree vine swinging nearly going horribly wrong!

 It is here the final curtain comes to a close as Sal’s exotic frontier comes to an end, bidding farewell to this magnificent and unforgettable special place on earth which has not only captured her imagination but a piece of her heart – echoing in the calm waters of Amazonia on the last boat back to Misahualli….


Episode One:   In Dr Jones Footsteps
Episode Two:   Into The Amazon
Episode Three: Welcome To The Jungle
Episode Four:   The Enchanted Forest
Episode Five:    Finding Miss Piggy
Episode Six:      Last Boat to Misahualli

Written and Narrated by Sal Bolton
Directed and Produced by Nigel Killick

Please Buy an Acre for £25 from The Rainforest Foundation UK