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Subscribing to peopletalk through Apple© iTunes

Sep 4, 2012

I've had a suggestion from one of our listeners, that it is not obvious that you can subscribe to our audio streams by using the Apple iTunes quick subscribe button in the left-hand blue column under subscribe. 

The iTunes subscribe button will automatically sign you up for free, to all our programmes listings. iTunes will then list all our programs in your iTunes account on your computer under Podcasts. This list of our program information will be in grey and you will have to click on the buttons of the particular audio story you want to listen to.  You will have to instruct iTunes to download particular stories or audio short stories. This means that you only download what stories you want without the need to fill up your computer with a mass of stories. 

The advantage of using the iTunes subscribe button is that files will be downloaded very quickly without streaming and will be available at any time on your iTunes account and you can quickly delete any programs you have listened to. Also, each time we put a new program up on our website iTunes will automatically download the information onto your podcast account.

What is the difference between streaming audio and using the automatic subscribe system?  When you click on an audio link on our web page it will play the file in real-time and need plenty of Internet streaming speeds. Whereas if you use the automated subscribe system it just downloads a file quickly in the background and will soon be ready to play.

ITunes is a free program that works on both Macintosh and Windows computers and can be downloaded from the Apple website for free at

If you're new to our site and would like to investigate the type of programmes we produce go to the blue Podcast listings on the left.

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